Release notes

The various releases of Flow-R are listed here along with the details of the modifications.

1.0.0 - 21.03.2022 - Maintenance.

  • The Matlab Compiler Runtime version has been changed to R2022a.

  • Removal of the inertia algorithm for rock avalanches (direction memory). Consider using Flow-R 2.0 for an improved algorithm.

  • Jump to version 1.0 as this version of Flow-R is considered stable.

0.9.7 - 12.05.2016 - Fix of the kml export.

  • The kml export of the results has been fixed.

0.9.6 - 13.11.2014 - Linux packaging and bug fixes.

  • Improvement of the packaging for Linux.

  • Bug fixes for the command line and the batch versions.

0.9.5 - 18.09.2014 - Bug fixes.

  • Bug fixes related to multithreading.

0.9.4 - 15.09.2014 - Bug fixes and minor improvements.

  • Bug fixes related to new features in version 0.9.3.

  • Set the last opened directory when importing data.

0.9.3 - 11.09.2014 - Addition of the variable travel angle approach.

  • Addition of a variable travel angle approach (travel angles defined in a raster file).

  • The user can now choose the batch file.

  • Addition of a local user directory to add parameters files.

  • The working directories definition has been moved to the main frame.

  • Addition of a control of the provided directories.

  • Better integration of the data import.

  • Minor bug fixes.

0.9.2 - 13.12.2013 - Addition of algorithms for rock avalanches assessment.

  • Addition of the new inertia algorithm (direction memory) for rock avalanches.

0.9.1 - 02.12.2013 - Performance improvement and bug fix for Windows 8.

  • The processing time was reduced by sorting the source areas by the altitude.

  • Changes in registry paths for a bug related to Windows 8.

  • The resulting directory is now explicitly displayed when the calculations are over.

0.9.0 - 28.11.2013 - Addition of an installer and switch to MCR R2013b.

  • The Matlab Compiler Runtime version has been changed to R2013b.

  • An installer was added to place Flow-R in the programs directory and to add an entry in the menu.

  • The user can now choose where to save storage data and resulting grids.

  • Allows non round coordinates at data import and manage non overlapping grids more strictly.

  • Optimization of the processing time, mainly for "connected" source areas.

  • Improvement of the ascii grids export.

  • Fix a bug of the spreading plotting.

  • Directory structure for the parameters files were modified.

  • Many parameters files were generated to offer a wide possibility to the user without requiring him to edit the xml files.

  • Improvement of the languages management.

0.8.0 - 28.03.2013 - Improvements to the interface and switch to MCR R2012b.

  • The Matlab Compiler Runtime version has been changed to R2012b.

  • Small improvements to the GUI and its text content to be more consistent with the reference paper.

  • The tabs navigation has been fixed.

  • A splash screen was added to let the user know that the MCR is loading.

  • The command prompt is no more displayed in Windows, but a log frame shows up for messages and errors.

  • The batch mode has been moved to a separate frame, available through the menu.

  • The datasets and functions lists were improved for clarity.

  • The name and content of various parameters files were changed for homogeneization.

  • The user manual was moved to

  • Fix of the results plotting when there is only 1 source area.

0.7.7 - 12.03.2013 - Minor cleanup.

  • The obsolete version file has been removed.

  • The root folder name has been changed from Model to FlowR.

  • Some cleanup of the source code has been performed.

  • The About frame has been simplified.

0.7.6 - 04.03.2012 - Changes in the threshold and residues management.

  • New GUI to define the preferences.

  • Preferences are now handled by an ini file instead of the xml file.

  • The quick mode has been changed for a more consistent stopping check.

  • The threshold is now applied at a previous stage and the cutted probabilities are given to the closest active cells or, if any, to the residues sum.

  • Changing the multithreading criteria to allow multithreads on the 2011 binary version.

  • Lowering of the probability threshold to 0.0003 (better precision)

0.7.5 - 07.07.2011 - New spreading algorithm

  • A new version of the Holmgren algorithm has been added. It allows increasing the height of the central cell to decrease the effect of small elevation differences.

0.7.4 - 08.03.2011 - Speed improvement

  • Speed improvement of the spreading.

  • Multithreading option for the undeployed version.

0.7.3 - 08.02.2011 - Important bugs fixes

  • Bugs fixes with the command-line and the data formatting.

  • Removal of imdilate as the image processing toolbox is not included in the compiled version.

  • Fix of a bug in the connected area version.

  • Fix of a bug allowing the probabilities to increase above the sources probabilities on flat area.

  • Addition of the Perla model without conservation of the linear momentum (no correction).

  • Bug fixed in the Perla model.

  • Display of the progression in the command window.

0.7.2 - 19.11.2010 - Online help and bugs fixes

  • The help was moved to an online wiki page

  • Fix of a bug in the data importation

  • Changes in the command line usage

  • A bug from version 0.7.1 in Holmgren has been fixed

0.7.1 - 22.10.2010 - Command-line option and some improvements

  • It is now possible to call Flow-R as a command line with options

  • Use of globals : OPTIONS, LANG_DATA, LANG_CHOICE

  • Removed the use of handles in non-GUI functions

  • Changes of the background colors to use the OS default colors

  • Changes of data classes from double to single or logical to spare memory

  • Possibility to rearrange the order of the cells calculation to spare time

  • Simplification of use of the translation function

  • Fix of an error in the Perla model

0.7.0 - 11.06.2010 - Linux compatibility and new options

  • An option to take into account a given value for the source was added

  • The directions management was completely revisited to be more robust

  • The model is Linux compatible, with a compiled release (./ /opt/matlab/matlab_compiler_runtime/v79)

  • The Model Compiler Runtime was changed for 7.11

  • The name was changed from DFGridProb to Flow-R

  • The GUI was set horizontally

  • A panel About was added

  • Limit to the update check every 30 days

0.6.5 - 03.08.2009 - Bugs fixes

  • The .mat files writing has been secured by expliciting the extension.

0.6.4 - 18.05.2009 - Avalanches oriented triggering

  • A triggering mode has been added in order to trigger connected sources area as a whole.

  • A bug in the case study definition by means of coordinates has been fixed.

  • The kml output warning in case of a too large area is better handled.

  • Cells with a height difference of 1000m and more are not considered for the spreading.

0.6.3 - 23.03.2009 - Bugs and kml output

  • A bug concerning the listing of the local flow accumulation has been fixed

  • The kml output for Switzerland has been improved.

  • The kml output is available for UTM projections.

0.6.2 - 25.02.2009 - Bugs and more and kml output

  • The GUI units were moved from pixel to points or characters to better display on different screens.

  • The MCR check has been disabled due to languages issues with paths

  • Some languages edition

  • Some GUI modification

  • Empty river and buffer layers automaticly generated

  • Every slope angle in percent has been changed to degrees

  • A bug in the refreshing of the view has been fixed

  • kml files can be output for Switzerland. Fit only for small areas !

  • D infinity algorithm fixed

  • A check of the inputs has been introduced

  • Local flow accumulation now available for source areas identification

0.6.1 - 17.02.2009 - Bugs hunting and xml editor

  • A bug making impossible to use most of the spreading algorithms has been removed.

  • A bug in the pit holes management in the Holmgren and Dinf algorithms has been fixed.

  • A bug in the loop script parser has been fixed.

  • A bug in the functions listing has been fixed.

  • An error that slowed down the model has been removed.

  • All parameters are now saved in an xml file for every run.

  • A check of the version has been introduced.

  • A tool to edit XML files has been added : XMLTree or XML Parser by Guillaume Flandin



  • Change directory commands have been removed.

0.6.0 - 16.01.2009 - XML everywhere for more customization

  • Criteria (parameters) files were moved from txt to xml.

  • New names for algorithms files and new loop script file system.

  • Alogrithms options were extracted from the scripts and are now available in xml files.

  • The energy loss can be set as a function of the flow accumulation

0.5.2 - 09.01.2009 - Cleaning

  • The functions names were changed to clarify their usage.

  • Options were extracted from the code and moved to an xml file.

  • Correction of the precision in output files. Fix the area difference between energy and probability results.

  • Multiple small rewrites in the entire code.

0.5.1 - 22.12.2008 - Some small new options

  • A bug that used to crash the model when the buffer option was disabled has been fixed.

  • The possibility to add the probabilities of different debrisflows instead of considering only the maximum has been added.

  • The languages file system was move from csv to xml.

  • Various algorithms values were extended.

0.5.0 - 01.12.2008 - Initial version

  • Model as developped before the versioning